Why I Love VD

valentines day

The 14th of February is special to me, not because it was the day I asked Tracey out and she said yes, and not because I proposed a couple of years after we’d been going out. Valentines Day nineteen years ago I took a chance and sent a beautiful girl with a contagious smile, dark long hair and a kickass tush an anonymous single rose accompanied by the most romantic Shakespearean sonnet I knew.

I did it and it felt good because I’d participated in Valentines Day.

I never for a moment expected anything to happen after that. I mean I thought about it, sure, but I think about winning lotto too and I figured the odds were about on par.

But that night, in the local club, this gorgeous woman came bounding up to me.

“Did you send me a rose?” she asked cheerfully.

“Ah, um, well,” I said smoothly.

“It was you, wasn’t it?” she asked me.

I think I managed to nod.

“I thought so,” she said. “No one else I know would have heard of Shakespeare. Thank you.”

And then she was off.

As you can imagine I was both thrilled and kicking myself. I played the conversation over and over in my head.

So how did William and I fair?

“That wouldn’t work,” Tracey told her friend shortly after our witty exchange. “He’s got two kids and he’s ten years older than me.”

When she told me about this a couple of years later I conceded they were both very good points. Suffice to say, rather like oysters or black pudding, I’m more of an acquired taste – something our five youngest children will be pleased about in years to come if they ever give it any thought.

Still, it all worked out for the best because shortly after this we became best friends, and a mere 13 months and 15 days later (I work fast) I managed to plant the first kiss on the woman of my dreams.

So the reason I love Valentines Day is not because it’s the day my wife & I fell in love, or went on our first date, or even first held hands. It’s simply the wonderful day I took a chance and Tracey finally noticed me, and the rest is a house full of shitty nappies, crushed nuts and other wonderful moments I wouldn’t swap for a mere lotto win.

I hope, after today, your VD is just as memorable as mine.

The kids prepared us a special meal tonight at their backyard restaurant. There was even a show.
Dessert was….interesting.

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    • Celery and orange with the peel still on. I managed to stop Miss8 just before she added her ‘secret’ ingredient – a whole chopped up Lifesaver ice block in each bowl.

  • Thank you for sharing this special moment of yours & Traceys life with us. I love reading all about your life, especially the kids input!?to you all

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