Wednesday Night was a Gas


A brilliant night. A fantastically, awesomely, hilariously brilliant night  😀

The back of my head hurts, we laughed so much. Master18 was at work, but everyone else was involved.

A couple of floor puzzles tonight, with everyone getting a few tiles before we put them together. Highlight was Twister though – kids insisted on it because they enjoyed it so much last time.

Speaking of Twister, we do have a new rule. I’m a bit surprised it hasn’t made it onto the official list actually and I may just write to the good people at Hasbro to suggest it – no popping off when Dad’s head is next to your bum. Thank you Miss6, thank you very much.

Miss3 soon gave up on the big dots and instead jumped on Daddy’s back while I contorted my torso to the whim of the spinning arrow. Again, the whole experience took only about half an hour before bed.

I have to say the whole idea of this Family Night was to get the family interacting together in a fun way in the middle of each week because sometimes, with work and the sheer logistics of running a large family, you’re flat out just getting to that beer on Friday night. I didn’t expect to enjoy it. I thought I’d just do it, you know, like the dishes or homework or washing. I didn’t realize how much I would love it. Really, really love it.

With kids, when the laughter starts it’s truly infectious.

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