We help a woman in Ecuador buy pigs

This woman has a tribe of kids, a husband who’s gone away and she raises guinea pigs for money. My heart goes out to her because I hated having guinea pigs. Disgusting things, they are. She wants a loan to start raising actual pigs. Well, she’s got our support.

This is what her application said about her on KIVA –

“Maria is 37 years old, married, and has 4 children who were born into the marriage. Her children are 19, 18, 17 and 12, and they are all in school in the city. Her husband is outside the country; he has migrated in order to seek better work opportunities to provide for his family. The family lives in their own home.

Maria devotes her time to caring for her children and she also has a business at her house raising animals to sell such as guinea pigs and hens.

She is taking her 3rd loan through her communal bank, which she will invest in the purchase of pigs to raise.

Her goal is to have a greater variety of animals to raise.”

KIVA is about giving a hand, not a hand out. It supports entrepreneurs in some of the most impoverished countries in the world with micro finance they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. I lend $25 to someone to help them get ahead, they pay it back to me, then I lend it again. It’s a wonderful project and, in my view, worth supporting. If you don’t enjoy the experience you can even get the money back with a press of a button once it’s been repaid.

What do you think?

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