The Best Fathers Day Presents I Almost Got

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“About tomorrow,” Tracey told me when we were crawling into bed last night. “I haven’t organized anything except for work.”

Tracey had nineteen families booked in for photos today, so I can understand why this might have slipped her mind. Not that I was going to let her get away with it.

“Sure,” I scoffed. I rolled my eyes and grinned at her.

“I mean it.”

“Whatever, Trevor.”

“Seriously. I bought you some tees but they haven’t arrived.”

This was fantastic news.

“Really? You got me t-shirts?” I tried to sound casual but I couldn’t pull it off. “That’s perfect! Thank you.”

“It’s not like you were subtle,” said Tracey.

That’s true. I had hinted occasionally at being given some cool t-shirts for Fathers Day. You know, little things like mentioning how much I’d like some Firefly shirts randomly in conversations and leaving the site with my wishlist up on her screen so it was the first thing she’d see in the morning.

“That’s okay,” I said. “The kids can give me their home made stuff and it’ll be great.”

“Yeeeeah, about that,” she said. “You know how we took the kids out of school the last couple of days because we needed to go to the Gold Coast? Well, that meant their Fathers Day cards and things are still at school.”

“So what am I getting for Fathers Day?” I asked coyly.

My wife gave this some thought for a few seconds. I already had, and I was really hoping we were coming up with the same idea. I decided to try a little mental telepathy.

Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. I thought loudly at her.

“A sleep in?” suggested Tracey.

Good enough.

“Awesome,” I enthused.

“But not for long, because I have to go to work.”

Still good enough. At least it involved the bed.

And after all, Fathers Day is about more than presents – bought, made or guilt driven. So long as I get to spend the whole day with my five little kids, and talk shit with my two biggest, the rest is just icing.

Happy Fathers Day to all you big hunks of spunk out there – natural, step, foster and any man who fills the role with love, laughs and enthusiasm. I hope you all get more than you deserve today. Like me.


 ~ raising a family on little more than laughs ~

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