The Tooth Scary


“You’ll need a new toobrush,” my wife told me. “Our youngest daughter got hold of it.”

Miss1 has a habit of cleaning the toilet with toothbrushes so we have a habit of locking the bathroom and keeping them out of her reach.

Scooby Snacks


Now before I go any further I just want to mention Tracey is horrified I’m even telling you this story. I got it past the censors on the proviso I make things all right by the end of the post and the blame for any bits which might cause condescending frowns lands squarely in my lap. You know, the usual.

Mr Handy


A broken leg, the flood, the vomits progressively going through the kids and back to school have all synced together to give us an exhausting week. But I could have handled that.What has undone us is our littlest miss. She had her first birthday on Tuesday (oh yes, add that to the mix as well) and has decided sleeping at night is now optional. Again, this wouldn’t have been so bad except her cot is in our room.