Sweet Justice

I'm not doing too well as an adult either.
I’m not doing too well as an adult either.

Loose lips sink ships – and any chance of further secret treats. Every six year old worth their sugar knows that.

“Quick!” Tracey told Miss6. They were about to pick up our two littlest kids from the daycare centre. “Faster! Use your teeth. Crunch it up.”

After stopping off at the servo, Tracey had purchased them a lollipop each, and now needed all evidence gone before they could leave the car.

Is there anything sweeter than a treat your siblings aren’t privy to? It’s a secret joy for as long as the sugar lasts.

“Have you swallowed it all?” Tracey wanted to know. “Good. Now give me the stick so I can hide it.”

Miss6 is pretty good at this sort of thing, unlike her big sister, Miss9, who takes great pleasure in letting all her siblings know. It might not surprise you to learn Miss6 gets more secret lollipops.

No, Miss6 would never tell. She’s too smart for that. It’s us adults who aren’t too clever.

Inside the daycare centre, Miss3 and Miss1 were, as always, thrilled to be reunited with their mummy and raced over for hugs.

Tracey picked Miss3 up and planted a kiss on her cheek.

“Hello, mummy!” beamed Miss3.

“Hi, sweetie,” said Tracey.

Suddenly Miss3 stopped smiling and frowned. She gave Tracey a hard look and asked, “Have you had an iceblock?”

“No,” said Tracey, guiltily.

There was a pause for thought.

“Have you had a snake?” knowing our weak spots.

“Uh-uh,” said Tracey, shaking her head and refusing to open her mouth.

Briefest of pauses.

“You’ve had a lollipop!” declared Miss3. Then she grinned and turned to her little sister. “Yay! We’re having a lollipop.”

So Tracey got to stop at the servo again on the way home.

And Miss6 got to sit quietly in her seat and enjoy her second lollipop of the day.

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