With Tracey cleverly winning a family pass to the Speedway this week we rugged up Miss4, Master6 and Miss7 and headed down.

I’ve lived in this town for 16 years and I’ve never been.

Tracey’s dad used to race here, and all over Queensland, so it was a bit of a treat for her to be able to show it off to the kids.

Naturally, being G-town, we knew a lot of people sitting around the track in the backs of utes or on camp chairs. The whole thing was wonderfully social.

At the beginning of a race the kids would each pick a car to cheer on. Master6 put the kibosh on half a dozen unfortunate drivers.

Ultimately, it was loud and, it’s got to be said, good family fun.

We would have stayed a while longer but I had to head off to Jason’s buck’s night with my father-in-law (my personal designated driver for the night). A great time was had there as well   +(+    I thought I’d be home by 10pm and instead I was poured into bed at 3am.

What do you think?

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