Role Playing

If you ever want to get an idea how your kids see you, listen to them playing with dolls.

“I want to watch tv,” the Tinkerbell fairy will enquire of the Barbie doll.

“You have had quite enough electronics for one day,” the Barbie doll will say. “Go outside and play on your bikes.”

You can hear them act out a problem they’re having at school or daycare, and scenes from their favourite shows.

Sometimes it can be quite confronting though, when you hear them snap some poor doll’s head off for not going to sleep or picking up after themselves, and you get to hear what you sound like to their little ears.

Sometimes it can be very funny. Sometimes it can be very scary.

Like today. While Tracey was cleaning out a cupboard in our room, I was babysitting the kids (code for trying to have a nap on Miss9’s bed) when I heard Miss5 and Miss3 playing dolls in the next room.

“I don’t feel well,” said Miss5. “I think I better go to the doctor.” Followed by a blood curdling scream. “Oh, no! I’m pregnant! I’M PREGNANT! OH, NOOOOO!!”

Now I wonder where on Earth she’s heard that. Dora? Prep?

To the best of my knowledge we haven’t had that sort of outcry in this house for over eighteen months, so I’m hoping my little Miss5 simply has a long memory.

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