Our Best Mothers Day Ever. Fact.

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Mothers Day had a very real chance of being a memorial instead of a celebration for the kids and I, so this year it’s especially sweet to be able to tell Tracey how much we love her, and to spoil her a bit.

Please forgive the shakey-cam and the blurry-cam and the background noise. We didn’t make this for the Cannes Film Festival, just as a way to give Tracey a very special present. It took less than an hour to film the kids (lost the light while we were doing it), and six hours to edit. She’s worth it, of course, but next year I may just write a note.

Kidding. I love this!

And so will she.

A lot of what she’s getting she’s expecting. While shopping with the kids I got photos sent to my phone with instructions as to which store I would find a certain handbag and top. But we’ve also got a couple of little surprises for her she doesn’t know are coming – and one slightly bigger one she won’t have a clue about.

Best of all, later today our two families are meeting on our balcony for a brunch and it’s going to be lovely. Three generations: nineteen people: five mothers: together breaking bread and laughing and soaking up the fruits of their labours (see what I did there?). I hope you all have as wonderful a time as we intend to.

Happy Mothers Day to all you lovely ladies out there, be you young or old or none-of-my-business. This is your day. But even more importantly, it’s your kids’ day to have the opportunity to make you feel special and to insist you put your feet up and to let you know how goddam much you mean to them. Because nothing says I love you like burnt toast and milky tea, and whatever it was you told your husband to buy you.

Have a great day. I hope you feel loved.

Bruce x

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Raising a family on little more than laughs.


  • Gorgeous and heartfelt video.
    Your children are such sweeties. ( also loved hearing the comments about her farts 🙂
    Happy Mothers’ Day, Tracey!!!!!!

  • looks like my mothers day is spent in kids ward with a sick middle child. It’s what mums do, and we don’t give this up for anything. Happy Mother’s Day to all the carers who are mums in hearts but not in name, to those who have lost those who call them mum, and those for whom it is another day doing what mums do best- being mum (and Tracey and mums like her who nearly didn’t get to be here this year)

  • Wow what a beautiful heartfelt video ? Happy Mothers Day Tracey! What a gorgeous family you have xx

  • Already making me cry this early on mothers day. Glad your family is all together. Happy mother’s day to all your lovely mums. Including your daughter on her first

  • Thanks for making me cry ? Such a beautiful thing to do and such heartfelt sentiments, even the “my nose doesn’t like it…” comments. I hope you also bought Tracey super soft and extra thick tissues for when she watched this. Happy Mother’s Day Tracey xx

  • So glad to see you are doing so well Tracey. What a very special Mother’s Day for an amazingly brave and determined women ?

  • Bruce!!!!I JUST put my makeup on to go to work and now I have to do it all over again.
    I LOVE where your daughter says the one thing they have in common is that they both love Daddy. Naaaaw. You have such a beautiful family. Big Loves to Tracey for Mothers Day. xxx

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