Miss8’s Christmas Highlights

Miss17 shows off Miss8’s magic trick (because Miss8 is asleep right now)

We all loved our Christmas break. No driving around: everyone coming here: lots of food and drink and laughs. It was magic. But I thought I’d focus on my 8 year old for a second and tell you about her day because I think it’s probably the last one we’ll have where she thinks the big red fella actually exists.

Miss8 says it was her best Christmas ever because she got a stereo and now she feels like a real person. This despite her opening her new mp3 player from Santa to find the box is empty. Oh dear, we quickly improvised, it must have fallen out of the sleigh.

It was the last one they had in the store when we bought it (the demo) and when we rang up on Boxing Day, we weren’t expecting to be believed, much less to have them find the thing. But despite us having purchased the player six weeks ago, it was thankfully still in their counter display. Santa’s sending it express post.

But despite this she still found a lot of fun under the tree. What really surprised us was which new toy she really took to. With family presents like a cubby house (eBay $70 purchase), a pool table-come-soccer table-come-hockey table, and a jumping castle, plus having nearly $200 spent on her for dolls and movies and Zhu Zhu stuff, it all got pretty much ignored all day for Miss8’s favourite present – a small magic trick out of a bonbon. She spent all Christmas afternoon and much of Boxing Day perfecting the trick, involving lots of hand waving and pointed stares resulting in a domino changing from a couple of ones to a couple of sixes, and showing it to anyone who would spare her a minute.
Sometimes they just surprise the hell out of you. 
I hope you all had just as much fun as we did. No baby yet, but less than four weeks until the due date 🙂

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