Makin’ Bacon

With my new bestie

This right here is the moment from which the rest of my life goes into decline. Not that I’m even vaguely upset about it. In fact, I’m a little excited. For one thing it means a new wardrobe. 

My years of commitment to the greater gord are finally being acknowledged. There is no bettering this. No higher accolade. No crowning achievement which won’t pale to what life is about to dish up.

Sitting across the table from my new favourite person I could barely believe the words I was hearing.

“Would you consider being a tasting judge at the SunPork Smoke-Off barbecue competition at the Kingaroy BaconFest?”

I was almost speechless. Mostly because it’s hard to talk when your mouth is full on salivating.

My new bestie had only been halfway through the name of the festival and I’d already decided I was interested in wherever this conversation was going. BaconFest. Isn’t that just the best festival name you’ve ever heard?

Now you might wonder what qualifications this ex-banker (with a ‘b’) with a habit for oversharing online has in terms of taste testing. Fair question. Let me just assure you not only do I already have a pork belly, I have watched every available episode of Iron Chef so I know all about how to pretend you recognise the hero ingredient in a dish. 

The whole weekend sounds deliciously good fun. There’s a long table breakfast on the Sunday, a wine & swine dinner on Friday night and activities ranging from a Kevin Bacon film night, food market stalls, live music (including The Pigs, because obviously) to a bacon eating competition all my kids are insisting I let them go in. Plus, cooking demonstrations by South Burnett Food Ambassador Jason Ford and Melbourne based celebrity chef Adrian Richardson. 

And the Bacon Olympics, which involves I have no idea what but I was assured they’d thought of every bacon pun possible.

“So when’s the streaking event?” I asked, pencil poised over my pad. Never too soon to start planning your day.

Rather than an answer I got a look. I’d like to think that was her ‘oooh that’s a good idea’ face but I’m not convinced.

Meanwhile you should be trotting out the calendar on your iPhone and tapping in BaconFest Kingaroy for the 23-25 August. The festival itself is free but you’ll need to grab tickets if you want to be a part of things like the SunPork Wine & Swine dinneror the movie night or – and this is where I think you’ll want to start because let’s face it up until this point you’ve been thinking ‘you lucky undeserving bastard’ – to become a judge at the SunPork Smoke-Off

Yep, for only $40 you can join me for what I will henceforth think of as The Great Fattening. Seems I can’t hog all the fun. 

I’ve started stuffing the family bus with supplies ready to pork up at the Kingaroy Showgrounds for a rib tickling couple of nights with other campers. Of course, you don’t have to commit to that extent and can simply pop in for a day. 

There’s simply no way it’s not going to be worth the drive. 

Because bacon.

For myself, my ‘official duties’ mean I need to get a few things organised if I’m going to be able to carry out my taste judge obligations to the very best of my abilities. 

Like I’m gonna need to look into some bigger pants. And maybe suspenders.

A man can dream, can’t he?

Raising a family on little more than laughs

this post isn’t sponsored although I have been asked to attend and I haven’t had to get my wallet out yet, so there’s that

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