We’ve Got You Covered


“What the…?” I heard Master24 say from the dining room where he was playing board games with Master10. He’s moved back to the area with work to be close to us. Up until this, I don’t think he’s had any regrets. “Why the hell would I want that?”

Chuckling, I put on my clothes, hung up my towel and stepped out of the bathroom. When I approached the dining table Master24 looked up, a beseeching sort of bewildered look on his face.

“What just happened?” he asked me.

As I’ve previously mentioned, we only have one bathroom in this house and it’s chock full of a dryer, bath, shower, sink, toilet, storage cabinet and two washing machines.

I had happened to have just taken advantage of the shower when Miss8 and Miss6 threw the door open and walked in.

“Can we turn the television on?”

“Guys! The door!” I said, wrapping my towel around me and asking them to shut it. Our bathroom set up means there is no privacy, but occasionally you’ve got to try fake it. “We’ve got a guest in the house.”

That was quickly dismissed.

“It’s only Geoff,” Miss8 said, giving me an early sample of what will one day become a magnificent and all-encompassing eye roll. “He won’t care if he sees you naked.”

“We’re adults now,” I said to my girls. “I’m not so sure he’d agree with you on that.”

Which was why Miss6 raced into the dining room and loudly asked her big brother, “Do you want to see Daddy without any clothes on?”

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