Hello, Ladies!

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Wait for it…

The look on the face of the bloke walking past our car at the north bound BP servo at Caboolture was, when I think about it, totally called for.

After all, I was leaning out my driver’s window using my phone to take photos of the women’s toilets. I swear he glanced at my licence plate.

Resisting the urge to call out, ‘It’s okay. I’ve a perfectly good reason for this,’ I just smiled in a friendly manner I hoped wasn’t too Ted Bundy.

This was the second loo related incident we’d had in a matter of hours. The first was at the RBWH when we were visiting Tracey. Master10 had gone by himself for a Nelson Riddle and come back with a couple of Tracey’s doctors.

“I got trapped!” he told us. “I couldn’t open the door so I crawled under the wall to the next toilet, but I couldn’t get that one open either.”

We suspect he was turning the latches the wrong way – he is gifted.

The doctors told us they were walking past and heard him bellowing for help.

Which, I have to say, was a lovely prelude for the second incident.

Master10 had just disappeared into the toilet block when suddenly Miss3 piped up with, “That’s the girl barfroom.”

The whole car went silent for about two seconds…then erupted in laughter.

“I’ll go,” Miss12 volunteered eagerly.

She raced over and stuck her head in the doorway and gleefully let her brother know what he’d done.

“Shit!” he exclaimed loud enough for me to hear him from the car. “No wonder there wasn’t anywhere to pee.”

At the end of the day I think, if the bloke giving me death stares is anything to go by, Master10 would be considered less a deviate coming out of the ladies loo than I would hanging out my car taking a photo of it. And you know what? In retrospect I don’t think my explanation that I was taking a picture of a kid coming out the ladies loo would have helped any.

But it was totally worth it to capture my boy’s face, a perfect blend of guilt and horror, peering out of the doorway.

Plus now I have this post I can use to explain things to the police when they track me down from my licence plate. Win-win.

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Sneaking out.

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