Grinning All The Way To The Bank

Excited doesn’t begin to describe the level of, well, excitement here in the Devereaux household with the departure of the first of Master6’s baby teeth – he can smell the money.

Traditionally, we’re useless at playing The Tooth Fairy. What we’re good at is making up excuses for why The Tooth Fairy didn’t show up during the night, and why she will probably pay more the following night for that same tooth. Plus it is a good opportunity to educate the kids on some bigger issues.

Some of the excuses we’ve found helpful are:

  • Last night was The Tooth Fairy Ball, and sometimes The Toenail Fairies spike the punch because they’re a bit jealous of The Tooth Fairies getting all the limelight. (Like stranger danger and road safety, we feel it’s important to raise an awareness of potentially spiked drinks at social functions at a young age).
  • The Tooth Bank shut early yesterday, on account of it being a Tooth Bank Holiday and so The Tooth Fairy wasn’t able to withdraw any Aussie coins to pay you for your tooth. She had a few Papua New Guinean toya in her purse, but thought you’d rather have something you can spend locally. (Bringing up foreign exchange for when they backpack Europe).
  • She phoned to say by the time we put the tooth into water beside your bed she had already started her rounds and didn’t get the message until she was back at the Tooth Factory. But you’re first on the list for tomorrow night. (Why it’s important to go to bed on time and not stay up late annoying your parents).
Master6 made a cool $3 from his first tooth and he’s calculated there’s about $70 of white gold in his mouth. On a possibly related matter he’s requested pliers and string for Christmas.

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