Get Wet

It started out as a bucketful of water and ended up with our balcony getting a decent wash.

Is there anything funner than pouring a jug of water on your sibling’s head? Not in this house.

To keep the kids occupied while she cooked dinner tonight, Tracey set up the water play activity centre we bought for one of the kids a few Christmases back. It’s for two or three year olds. Pouring some water in the top funnel makes wheels turn and it’s all a bit of fun.  She didn’t really think it would hold their attention for too long but it certainly out performed her expectations today.

When I arrived home the kids were already wet and there were lots of laughs and shouts. By the time I sat down with a coffee they were chasing each other around the balcony with cups and jugs of water.

Fortunately, they were so wrapped up in drenching each other none of them thought to throw water on us.

It all ended in giggles and a show of camaraderie with arms round each other as we marched them off to the bathroom for a rinse and towel down.

They couldn’t have had more fun if we’d hired a clown and let them chase him around with pinata sticks.

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