Floodbound – stocking up on supplies

With G-town still cut off from the world and newer, fiercer floods all over the state, I took to the streets today for a proper “emergency shop”. The internet was cut off so I had nothing better to do  🙂

Having a stash of tinned food and water makes good sense. Who knows what life has install for us? For us people with larger than normal families it’s even more of a problem. We’ve eight mouths to feed in this house – one can of spaghetti isn’t going to cut it for a family meal.

And get this – I had to pay $17 for that pumpkin in the middle of the table! Fresh fruit and vegetables are already scarce here in G-town, and will remain so until after the water recedes. Or longer. With much of Queensland’s farming land under water who knows how long before we have fresh food in town, or how much we’ll pay for it.

But at least we have our lives, unlike those poor souls in the Lockyer Valley.

Trouble for us is, with a one year old who has a long list of allergies, finding long term food solutions for her is a worry. I figure we can replace the pumpkin once a month (not sure how long they last because a week is all we get out of one here).

With today’s shop I figure we’ve enough food and water for at least a month, if we use a bit of common sense. After this has all blown over Tracey and I intend building up a three month store. I figure a can a day each for 100 days means 800 cans of food. And I figure a strict diet of can food will give us all the gas we need to run our stove 🙂


  • Don’t forget you can also freeze your veggies too Bruce, par boil them and freeze them up, good food storage. Also, head to southside, we bought our pumpkin for like $6 on Watson road from a stall at the front of a house – I wasnt going to pay $20 for a pumpkin. My water storage is my pool 🙂 And get your veggie patch going again, even if it is just lettuce, beans and tomatoes (like me lol) it helps!

  • We picked up a pumpkin from the markets for $2 this morning, albeit a smaller one. We’re avoiding counting frozen food for our food supply because electricity isn’t guaranteed in an emergency. Ours is always fairly chockers anyway 🙂 Thanks Kathy P

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