Enjoying the break

Before the drama began – everyone attempting tophotobomb, with mixed (read as no) success.

“Stop it!” snapped Miss9 at her brother for some perceived wrong.

Holidays are a lot of fun, but the kids do start getting on each others nerves if they spend too long under the one roof.

“Time to go to the park,” I suggested to Tracey. “Sausage sizzle?”

She readily agreed and we headed down there for dinner.

We have the best park here in G-town. There’s a flying fox and loads of swings and activity areas for different age groups. One of the bits of equipment Miss9, Master7 and Miss5 love is the spinning platform, although at least one of ours kids might not be so keen on it from now on.


Tracey and I could both hear the scream from different parts of the park. I beat Tracey to Miss9 but Mums trump Dads when it comes to their kids being hurt and I was quickly relegated to gathering up the rest of our kids while Tracey saw to our oldest middle child.

“I’ve broken my leg!” snarled Miss9.

She couldn’t bend her knee and she was in obvious pain.

“I’m sure it’s fine,” I assured her over her mother’s shoulder.


Miss9 giving a fantastic fake smile


“No! It’s not! It’s broken!” she screamed at me.

“I’ll get the kids in the car,” I said to Tracey, and began mustering them towards the car park. Broken or not, we were headed to the hospital.

“I need to go to the toilet!” bellowed Miss5 in a tone equally as urgent as Miss9. Because it can never just be one thing, can it? It can never just be one kid demanding your attention. I thought for a second and decided Miss5 peeing in the car on the way to the hospital would not improve things.

“Right,” I said, and we made a stop at the loos on the way, before loading the car with kids and BBQ stuff and then going back to carry Miss9 to the front seat.

Three hours later we were all home again, Miss9 sporting a cast. Turns out she was absolutely right – she had broken her leg. A hairline fracture in a growth plate behind her knee. They ran a couple of x-rays and put on a cast. This week we’ll head in to speak to a specialist and they’ll do it all again.

This morning, while she perched on the lounge, I asked Miss9 what the best thing about having a broken leg is. I think it’s important to look for that silver lining.

“The crutches,” she answered straight away.

I asked her why.

“I’ll show you,” she said, and picked one up before reaching out and whacking Master7 on the head with it, all without moving from where she was seated.

“Hey!” said Master7 indignantly.

“I should have done this years ago,” grinned Miss9.


it’s the little things


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