Dunstan Baby Language

I was chatting with a good friend today about how awesome the Dunstan Baby Language is for taking the guesswork out of what the hell your little man or gorgeous girl is trying to tell you.

For a long time, whenever a kid of mine was screaming, I just assumed it meant, ‘Get mum for me! Now!’

And I would. And I was happy to go with that. But Tracey, not so much.

But one day Tracey started getting excited, saying she’d heard there was a baby language which, once you understood it, made it easy to know what they wanted and therefore know how to shut them up.

As wonderful as it sounded, I was skeptical. I thought the lack of sleep was messing with Tracey’s bull detector. But I was wrong. This stuff is gold. Don’t believe me? Well that’s why I brought along Oprah.

Need more info?
Dunstan Baby Language Site

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  • We used the baby language when we had our two. I was so excited that our two week old was “talking to us”

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