Dressing Down

Tracey added a few layers.

It’s like we’ve never done cold weather before in this house.

We have three kids staying home today with colds. Last night the chorus of coughs was so constant I’d wake up if there were a few seconds of silence.

“You wondered if you got a look in with the kids?” Trace said to me this morning. I do. They look nothing like me – none of them. Genetically they seem to be Tracey’s side of the family. Which, if you’ve met me and my brother, is a good thing, for sure. “I’m pretty sure I found you in one of them.”

I followed the sound of barking to the kitchen, stepping over a few bits of clothing, to where Miss3 was trying to do up her dressing gown.

She looked quite normal to me.

“I told her to go put on her dressing gown, because it was cold,” said Tracey.

“And she’s doing what you said. Straight away, even. My God, we’re clones!”

Tracey lent down to Miss3. “Let me help you,” she said. But instead of immediately tying the belt she opened the gown to readjust it.

Which was when I saw myself reflected in the developing smarts of my child. She was starkers under her gown.

When Tracey told Miss3 to put on her dressing gown Miss3 had firstly taken off all her clothes and dumped them in the kitchen.

“I still cold!” Miss3 said to us as we looked on and chuckled.

“Well go put your slippers on,” I suggested.

I haven’t gone and checked yet, but I reckon it’s fifty-fifty odds when I walk through the lounge room I have to step over her dressing gown.

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