Anyone Else Struggle With Book Week Costumes?


Even though they only dress up for one day, I know why they call it Book Week. That’s how long it takes to organize what the kids are going to wear.

Moments after asking the kids to go pick their favourite books so we could work out their costumes we struck our first hurdle.

“That’s an atlas,” I told Miss8. She went away and picked another one. “Okay, now that’s a dictionary.”

Master10 had problems of his own – he’d chosen The Day My Bum Went Psycho.

“I want to go as the bum,” he informed us.

Meanwhile, Miss3 got involved and despite hers being the easiest costume of all the kids to work out, we’re kind of pleased she doesn’t go to school yet (see pic below).


Eventually, Miss8 came to us with a much easier option, Ivy from Ivy + Bean. Miss11 wore Master8’s Hogwarts’ costume for Hermione and Miss5 insisted on wearing a ballerina costume, so we threw an umbrella at her and she became Molly from Molly’s Jolly Brolly.

Now we just had Master10 to sort out.

“It’s a bit hard,” Tracey said to him. “Are you sure there isn’t someone else you’d like to dress up as?’

He insisted on going as a bum.

“I’ve got it!” I exclaimed. “We’ll shave your head use a permanent marker to draw a butt crack over your head. It’s brilliant!”

“You are NOT shaving his head,” Tracey informed me.

“And you are stifling our creativity,” I told her, turning to Master10 to apologize for his mother’s lack of vision…

…only to find him doing a sort of fish impersonation. Although his mouth was moving, no sound was coming out. But I could read his lips.

“Thank you,” he was mouthing to his mother.

After which he seemed much easier to manoeuvre away from this butthead idea. He eventually decided to put on my bee onesie, add a wand and go as Rita Skeeter, in bug form.


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  • Haha, kids are hilarious. That makes me remember my daughters book week. She was really into Greek Mythology at the time and wanted to go as Aphrodite. And I completely forgot about her costume until she reminded me at 9pm the day before she was to get dressed up. Luckily we had a neighbour at the time who was really into crafting and making costumes for her kids. We were at her house until 10pm raiding her material stash trying to put together a costume. Must say she looked pretty amazing by the end of it.

    • You and your neighbour are amazing for doing that at that time of night. I’d have grabbed a colourful bedsheet and told her it was standard garb at Greek Mythology’s Mardi Gras.

  • I’ve sent a 1/2 dressed child to school because he’s insisting on staying character as King Triton from The Little Mermaid … “And he has no shirt on!!!”… It’s not forecast to get to double figures in temperature today!?! (He has got a jumper in his bag)…
    I always think of it as my annual donation to op shops because I scour them for costume bits – this year they came through with 2 of the 3 required! Thank you op shops!

    And such a fun wrecker over the Rudie Nudie! Lol

  • Despite saying all week that she wasn’t interested in dressing up (too cool for school now that she’s turned 10) my daughter decided the MORNING OF the parade that she’d changed her mind. Luckily I’m awesome and we managed to throw together a half decent attempt at Katniss Everdeen in under 20 minutes. Next year I’m going to have a costume sorted weeks beforehand for the inevitable pre-teen change-o’-mind. Or she can wear my ‘Jareth the Goblin king’ costume from my thirtieth birthday party a few years ago!

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