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Comobile Giveaway


If you’ve got a student in the house, or if you’re one yourself, then you probably don’t have money to throw away on mobile networks. Every cent counts, yeah?

Kids Need To Know This


A big part of raising kids is teaching them good habits. When you go to the toilet, flush and wash your hands. When you finish you meal, say thank you and bring the plate to the sink. When you wake before the sun’s up, either go back to sleep or wake your mother.

When A Kiss Won’t Cut It


Our oldest daughter, Miss10, is a bit of a klutz. So far she’s managed to injure herself, in one form or other, every day of the holidays. Yesterday, while mucking about with her cousins and younger siblings, she jumped off our small retaining wall but seemed to change her mind midway through the manoeuvre.

A Deal That’ll Bowl You Over


“Our bowling scores were really bad,” Master22 told me after he’d gone along to his local AMF bowling centre. He sounded a bit miffed. “I don’t know what’s happened. I was better at bowling when I was in school. I definitely need to practice.” Funny, I don’t remember any talent scouts knocking down our door…