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Kids Need To Know This


A big part of raising kids is teaching them good habits. When you go to the toilet, flush and wash your hands. When you finish you meal, say thank you and bring the plate to the sink. When you wake before the sun’s up, either go back to sleep or wake your mother.

When A Kiss Won’t Cut It


Our oldest daughter, Miss10, is a bit of a klutz. So far she’s managed to injure herself, in one form or other, every day of the holidays. Yesterday, while mucking about with her cousins and younger siblings, she jumped off our small retaining wall but seemed to change her mind midway through the manoeuvre.

A Deal That’ll Bowl You Over


“Our bowling scores were really bad,” Master22 told me after he’d gone along to his local AMF bowling centre. He sounded a bit miffed. “I don’t know what’s happened. I was better at bowling when I was in school. I definitely need to practice.” Funny, I don’t remember any talent scouts knocking down our door…

My Daughter Finds Her Feet


The Athlete’s Foot invited me to take one of my kids in for a fitting of one of their school shoe range. Selling shoes would have to be the easiest job in the world, wouldn’t it? You stand at the till and suggest cleaning products. Boy, was I wrong about that.

A League Of Their Own


I’ve got to say, this family experiment into watching sport on a weekend is really going well – I actually ‘got’ a footy joke the other day. Laughed and everything.

Picking Sides


My friends at work were very supportive when they heard I was going to write some posts around the NRL finals for IGA.

“You?! Petero Civoniceva walked into the office and you didn’t even know who he was! Do you even know what NRL stands for?” they scoffed.

Rebate To Our Rescue


“I got nothing done today,” Tracey complained to me when I arrived home last Monday.

Monday’s are Tracey’s workhorse day for working on her photography business – a day for editing on Photoshop, ordering, meeting brides and doing book work. It’s also the one day a week she has no kids, with our lot either at school or day care.

Tracey’s idea of getting nothing done is a little different to mine. When I say it I mean I watched Youtube videos all day and struggled to make a sandwich for lunch: she just means she’s still got work to do.

“Well, do you think it’s time to put the kids into day care for a second day?” I asked.

New Australian Payment for Dads


I think this is a fantastic new entitlement, giving dads a chance to participate and contribute in settling in their adorable little poo-factories. And two weeks seems about perfect. Two weeks of my ‘help’ and Tracey was begging me to go back to work.