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A See Change


There’s no clearer indication things have changed since I was a kid than glasses. My kids WANT them in the same way I wanted hair gel. #transitionsforkids #sponsored

Pardon My French


Wow. So much wow. Wow for the boat ride. Wow for the dad joke banter of the captain and his crewmate. Wow for the seal colony. Wow for that seal colony smell. And wow for seeing my kids finally silenced.

Kid’s Stuff


Sadly, we don’t need Child Care Benefits and Child Care Rebates at the moment. Well, somedays we’re sad about it. Point is there are some changes coming for government assistance and they’ve sponsored me to broach the subject on my blog. To be honest I think it’s looking pretty positive all around, but see what you think…

5 Easy Christmas Bring-a-Plates


Here are my top ideas for something to bring-a-long to Christmas lunch so you appear helpful while still conserving energy for the present opening. It won’t surprise you to learn I’m super lazy about it đŸ™‚

5 Tips To Beat The Christmas Rush


It’s not as hard you think…is something I only like to say when referring to Christmas. Christmas is the most wonderful, magical, exciting, smile-attracting and enthusiastically anticipated time of the year. Even more-so than Father’s Day. But it’s also stressful. Well good news, folks, I’m here to help.
Thank you to Woolworths for sponsoring this post đŸ™‚

Singapore Taxi


The best conversation of my famil to Maldives came on the last night on the clean streets of Singapore, and started with the simplest of enquiries.

That’s The Magic Number


Home-schooling is going so well some days it feels like we’re starring in our own Idiocracy film. 

Thank you to Westpac for supporting our family and sponsoring this post. On that, have you heard about the deal Westpac has brokered where they’re footing the bill for parents ($99) to enrol their kids in the Mathspace Essentials numeracy program? Worth taking a minute to check it out at the bottom of this post after you read about how good a teacher I am not.

The First Time Is The Hardest


The first time I had to change a nappy was definitely the hardest. Not the messiest – not by a long shot. But hardest? Yep.

Thank you to the Queensland Government for supporting our family and sponsoring this post.

Pull up a stool and let’s talk


This post is really hard to write. Really hard.

Thank you to the Dept of Health for sponsoring this important message and reminding me to get this done. I’m fifty on Thursday, so it’s time to take matter into my own hands.