BIG recipes

Recipes we like. Not necessarily to share with the kids.

Secret Squirrel Meat Pies


We’re always looking for new things to do with mince – simple things and cheap things. Secret Squirrel Meat Pies fits the bill. The secret is these pies are full of vegetables – potato, pumpkin, onion, peas and carrot. And yet the kids still love them.

Saucy BBQ Pies


Just to be clear – BBQ sauce in pies, not pies cooked on a BBQ. Well we didn’t, but I guess if you had a decent supply of cold beer you could.

Donut Cake


Kids said it looked like a donut and without knowing this when Tracey came home an hour later she said it tasted like a donut. So I’m calling it a donut cake, even though the recipe clearly said it was a Cinnamon Tea Cake.

Twiddly Guinness Pie


This recipe is a corker, and so very simple, even if it does seem to involve every pan in the drawer. I make it more complex by slow cooking the meat, but you could just cook it in the saucepan if you like.