Big Lap Selfie Wall

Thanks for dropping in on us, Diane Marchant, and especially for the kids’ games. Lovely to meet up and chat after seeing your name on BFli’s page for so long. Tracey specifically wanted me to tell you we’re not normally looking so feral. Maybe. But remember you can’t judge a book by its cover.
Was thrilled when you tapped on our windscreen, Sonja! Sonja and I went on a great date to Grundies when we were about 13. I think she might even have been my first date. We haven’t changed a bit! Taller, maybe.
We met Derek and family, who are over from Singapore, at two of the three bush walk stops we made today. Lovely people. They explained there was a bit of an issue with cloud cover at the lookout. We went anyway.
The dudes in the next stall, Mallow Out, were selling yummy marshmallows and gave our kids a sample at the end of the markets. Thanks guys!
Christine is staying a couple of caravans away from us and heard little Miss7 is GF so she made her some biscuits. Lovely. Thank you!
Piers heard me talking on ABC radio about our trip so popped over to the bus say hi and offer a camping spot if we ever head to Nanango. Thanks, Piers!
Tracey from Lowood.
Orr family from Cairns.
Wonga Beach.

Raising a family on little more than laughs