BIG laughs

The funner stuff. The dumber stuff. The stuff I stuff up.

Doing The Dirty Qwirk


The game I was playing with the kids in the above photo is called Qwirkle and it is a lot of fun and the kids love it. But I’ve now realized it takes too long to play.

No Splitting Hairs Here


Tracey had been lying on the lounge when Miss5 decided to make her day. It was one of those lovely moments you live for as a parent because it was totally random. As was the next bit…

A Blinder Of A Start To 2015


Some people can’t handle their alcohol. They become arrogant and abusive, like certain politicians speaking under parliamentary privilege they say and do things they know aren’t acceptable in normal society.

Shoplifting Right Under My Nose


Shopping centres and supermarkets seem to attract crooks.

I’ve worked in retail so I’ve seen my fair share of it, from drive offs at the pump to the five finger discounts on sweets and drinks.

So when this guy at the supermarket this morning seemed to take a serious interest in the contents of my shopping trolley I knew just how to handle it.