Cassie’s Kid Friendly Butter Chicken


Sick of spag bog? I know I am. So this recipe is a godsend because it’s mild but still aromatic and flavoursome. I’m not saying it’s a surefire winner for your kids – we still have two who aren’t sold on it – but I’m very, VERY pleased to announce a 60% success rate with our mob.

Potato And Leek Soup


I love making this soup. Not because it’s easy, although it isn’t hard. And not because it’s quick, because it takes about an hour and a half from start to stop. The reason I love it is that my wife loves it, and I love making her happy.

Grandma’s Lambs Brains


These are not for everyone. Judging by the reactions of the members of this family only one in seven people find the idea of eating lambs brains tenable. And even amongst us who love to eat them, I think there’s a real drop off in numbers of those who are prepared to make the dish.