Listen Up

With Miss7 struggling a bit on the school front (I just think she’s like I was – a dreamer) the teacher thought we might get her ears tested. Since Tracey had to take all the little kidlettes along anyway she arranged hearing tests for the lot. Thing is, if it was an issue for one it might be an issue for more.

I wasn’t really worried about their ears – these guys can
hear a packet of crisps being opened from two rooms away.

Even with headphones I was doubtful they would be able hear anything during the test with the racket I know my lot are capable of, however Tracey (clever minx that she is) took along a few kilo of snacks. Food is the universal behaviour modifier in our household.

My own hearing has been on the decline for a number of years due, I feel certain, to the LOUD music I pumped directly into my brain with headphones and dancing in front of two story speakers at nightclubs. The thing is I’m rather enjoying it because the things I think people are saying are often far more amusing than the actual things they’ve said. For example, I’ll hear a workmate say their husband was castrated when in fact he was merely frustrated. As a result of this I spend half my day chuckling at people for no good reason. It’s really livened up my day 🙂
Despite some pretty clear evidence to the contrary, it seems all my kids can all hear perfectly well. Which is good 🙂 only reason I was wondering about their hearing was because none of them seem to hear when I ask them to pick up their toys, jump into bed or go annoy their mother.
Best thing about these tests is they were free. FREE! At the local community health center. There was bugger all waiting – Tracey rang Thursday and booked appointments for the Tuesday. The school put us onto this. If you think you might need to do something similar, ask the teachers or at the office. Beats forking out the big bucks.

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