For Mothers Day


“You know what Mum wants for Mothers Day?” Miss5 asked me.

“Me,” I told her confidently.

She looked a little confused for a second.

“Hasn’t she already got you?”

I nodded.

“Good point. What do you suggest?”

“We should make her a princess for the day.”

“But she’s already the Queen,” I said. “Won’t that be a demotion?”

She looked confused for the second time in this short conversation.

“You don’t know much, do you Daddy.” It wasn’t a question.

So Princess Mummy it’ll be.

It might not surprise you to learn that 95% of mums think it’s tougher to be a mum these days than when they were kids. Skeptical? I know when I was a kid my Mum wasn’t juggling work commitments with motherhood and didn’t have to fight for my attention with iPads or mobiles. It may not have felt it at the time, but it really was simpler to focus on being a mum.

Which is maybe why Mothers Day is even more important these days for showing mums they’re appreciated.

The kids and I sat down for a round conference and worked out just what being a Princess Mummy for a day will entail.

“A crown,” said Miss5, nodding her head in a knowledgeable sort of way. She looked over to where I was sitting with a pen and paper. “Why aren’t you writing that down?”

“Sorry,” I said, starting my list.

“Presents!” said Miss8.

“Lots of presents,” said Miss11.

“It’s got to be special,” said Master10.

“Fwozen Egg?” suggested Miss3.

I wrote down Frozen Egg. Tracey sure was in for a treat this year. I added an s, figuring I’ll get her two. She’s worth it.

“How about,” I said, “we don’t let Mummy do any housework all day?”

Nearly every one was nodding in agreement. Nearly.

“But who’s going to make me porridge?” asked Miss5.

“I will,” I told her.

She looked doubtful.

“Will you use a spoon to put the sugar in and not your fingers?”

On a related topic, it’s been some time since I’ve been allowed to make Miss5 porridge.

“Promise,” I promised.

“Okay then.”

We held each others gaze for a moment before her face turned into a frown. Miss5 pointed at my piece of paper.

“Write that down!”

By the end of the meeting we’d agreed Mummy wouldn’t be making breakfast, changing nappies, making beds, picking up toys, cutting fruit, dressing kids, hanging washing, folding clothes or washing dishes. I suspected I was in for a busy day.

“And what should we have for dinner?” I asked them.

“Whatever she wants to cook for us,” said Miss8. “It’s Mothers Day so she can choose.”

Are we raising thoughtful kids, or what?

“I promise I will eat it and not give it to the dog,” added Miss5.

“When do you give your dinner to the dog?” I wanted to know.

“When we have dinner,” she said, like the answer should be obvious. “If I don’t like it.”

“How about,” I said, moving on, “we get takeaway instead? That way no one has to cook anything and we can spend all day smothering Mummy in hugs and kisses.”

They all nodded in agreement and the meeting was adjourned.

“She likes my huggles,” Miss5 said to her siblings as they left the room. “She’s going to have the best Mothers Day ever!”

Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful, awesome, special, fantastic, caring, beautiful, loving mothers. I hope you’re treated like Princesses for the day as well. In the lead up to this important family day, let me be the first to say it – you absolutely deserve to be.

And especially you, Tracey Devereaux aka Princess Mummy. We love you x (100% – that’ll make more sense after you watch the second video below)

KFC sent me this video to add to this post – it is beautiful. It’s not an ad, as such, and it is well worth a watch because you will go awww. Real kids & real mums & real responses. We loved it.

So for Mothers Day this year Miss11 asked to be able to make her own movie for her Mum. She borrowed her Mum’s studio and this is what she put together. Again, I am in awww.

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