BIG recipes

Recipes we like. Not necessarily to share with the kids.

Sunday afternoon pikelets


The kids and I made ourselves a yummy snack today – pikelets – which we smothered in butter with jams and honey. The recipe comes from Tracey’s schoolgirl cookbook, Day To Day Cookery by I M Downes.

A snag in the kitchen


A large joy for me with these sausages is still trying different recipes to work out which ones we like best. Today I made 1kg of Breakfast, 1kg of Italian (new recipe) and 1.5kg of Bratwurst (because it’s Tracey’s favourite).


Hey Presto, Pesto!


I only started making my own pesto this year. And I love it. Nothing tastes as nice as freshly made pesto – the jars of green stuff in the supermarket sure don’t cut it.