BIG recipes

Recipes we like. Not necessarily to share with the kids.

Tuna Pasta Bake


In keeping with the idea of showing you our family’s favourite tummy fillers – favourite for us because they’re easy and for them because they’re tasty and lots of it – here’s our tuna pasta bake.

Chicken And Corn Pasta Bake


Occasionally I receive messages from people asking what meals we more regularly prepare for the family as opposed to the nice stuff we have as treats when the kids are asleep. Mostly its meat and three vege. Boring, but practical. But I thought, over the next few weeks, I’d post a couple of recipes the kids fancy.

Julie’s Oat Cookies


On a recent car trip, one of Tracey’s besties had a batch of these delicious biscuits for them to nibble on. Tracey loved them so much she insisted on getting the recipe so me and the kids could make a batch for her.

Tracey’s Favourite Salad


This started out as a lovely salad in a cafe on a child free date a couple of years ago.

“This tastes great,” said Tracey.

I had a look at her meal and a small taste. “I could make that,” I said.

And I have been ever since.

Mr Big’s Steamed Dumplings


We see steamed dumplings as a meal, albeit one we eat with our fingers: dipping a dumpling in the plum sauce, popping it in your mouth and then reaching for the next one. Unless someone is cooking Peking Duck somewhere in the kitchen, we don’t want anything else.

Apple Pie – Easy Pastry Option


I usually don’t put up two recipe posts in one week, but this seems to be the month for pies. A friend gave me this recipe a few weeks ago. When I say gave I mean he posted a pic on Facebook of one of the pies he and his wife had just made and it looked so good I insisted he give me the recipe. Same thing, I say.

Grandma’s Rhubarb Pie


Of all the pies I’ve made with Grandma lately, this is the one I want to do again really soon. Tracey, on the other hand, has a hankering for Grandma’s Spinach Pie, so you can guess which of these two pies I’ve made twice more in the three weeks since Grandma has been away.

Grandma’s Rum & Raisin Shortbread


I like Rum and Raisin anything so I was especially chuffed when Grandma announced we’d be cooking these little numbers up this morning.

Miss6 and Miss3 helped with the prep while I took photos as sipped on a coffee.

Great way to spend an hour.