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I had binge 13 episodes in 2 days for this Presto sponsored post. Best. Friggin. Job. Ever! Seriously, I think I’ve found my calling.

Get Your Tarzan On


I’m so scared of heights I once crawled, in front of my new girlfriend, up a flight of stairs because my knees refused to work the way they’d been taught and keep me upright.

What’s New In Boo Boos?


At some point in my day I am guaranteed to think how grateful and lucky I am to be born in this era, rather than any of those previous….and, as a parent, a lot of it comes down to a wonderfully clumsy lady named Josephine…

Sponsored by NexcareTM Blister Waterproof Bandages

This post is sponsored by NexcareTM Blister Waterproof Bandages.

How To Avoid Paying For A Dodgy Motel


Worst. Motel. Ever. Read our story then I dare you to try do better. Plus at the bottom there’s a heads up on how to win a luxury tropical weekend escape at Niramaya Spa & Beauty valued at $4000. Thank you to Star Ratings Australia for sponsoring this post 🙂

An App I Really Think You’ll Want


Miss21 has already used this app when something worried her – Izzy’s eyes had a funny colour on the edges. App recommended a phone call to a health care professional and they sent her some information. Brilliant. This is a sponsored post for healthdirect

My Monsters On Making Monsters


While I was reading a book (napping) my kids made a cool little video to review Qixels. This is a sponsored post, and there’s a chance to win a fantastic MOOSE TOY pack for the kids, including Glow Shows, Beados and, of course, Qixels.