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The Golf Pitch


I think we all know someone who’s gone or going or hoping not to. That’s golf. And, coincidentally, melanomas. Thank you to Cancer Council NSW for supporting our family, watching out for others and sponsoring this post.



Me, Myself and I cook up our family’s quick and easy Fried Rice Recipe with leftover chicken. Thanks to Fountain Sauces for supporting our family and sponsoring this post.

Magnetic Attraction


Is it just us, or do fridge magnets have a huge role to play in the smooth running of most families? This is a sponsored post for Kodak Moments (and includes an awesome unique offer for everyone). Love working with you guys!

Back To School


This is the time of year you want to be a fly on the wall at our place. Not so you can watch the mayhem, but so you can stay the hell out of Tracey’s way.

Thank you to Aldi for supporting our family and sponsoring this post.

Fresh As a Daisy


I wrote this post on the 19th of December in Yeppoon, and we are still using this product. Tracey has tossed out all the others. They are goneskies. We’re genuine converts.

Thank you to Australian Natural Pyrethrins® for supporting our family and sponsoring this post.

Unlikely Recipe Successes


Cooking with dairy is not something I’m a stranger to. We have cheese toasties a LOT. But cooking with yoghurt? That was new. And tasty.

Thanks to The Dairy Kitchen for supporting our family and sponsoring this post. 2nd Posting.

Making Christmas Personal


Correct me if I’m wrong but I think it used to be a lot easier to buy Christmas presents for people. And I don’t mean five decades ago: I mean more like five years. LOVE what we did here.

Big thank you to Kodak Moments for supporting our family and sponsoring this most excellent of posts.

When I Reach 100


I agreed to do this post not because I suspected Be Natural might throw free food at us, but because the premise it came with was fascinating….

Does This Story Have a Ring To It?


My past life as a banker (with a b) wasn’t as mind-numbingly boring as you might imagine. People do and say funny things. Here’s a story about why personal loans always make me smile.

Thank you to People’s Choice Credit Union for supporting our family by sponsoring this post. Oh yeah, and they’re letting me giveaway a $200 Prepaid Visa gift card to one lucky winner!

The Stink About Baby Products


Firstly, I admit I’m a little biased on the subject. Secondly, in doing this post I’ve just realised Tracey is even more conniving than I thought.

Thank you to Johnsons Baby for supporting our family and sponsoring this post.