BIG family life

The blog posts which probably mean more to us than you. Our day to day stuff which, one day, our kids will look back on and laugh at. Or use in court. Or talk about with their psychiatrists.

My Star Pupil


Suddenly I realised, instead of showing how little I knew about constellations, I had a chance to impart some of the smarts I’ve picked up on Youtube about stuff I do know about.

Glen Innes and Three Waters #ILoveNSW

Not Funny


I don’t think there’ll be a single chuckle in this whole post, and for that I apologise. Fact is, I pretty much just want to skite a bit.

Winging It


Butterflies….something about butterflies seemed to ring a bell, albeit initially in the distant steeple of a village a valley or two over from the bit of brain I was currently occupying.

Lock Out


“Dammit,” said Tracey. She was standing outside the door to our bus looking frustrated with herself, which if I’m honest was a lovely change to her looking frustrated with me.