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Eleven Points About Our Big Lap So Far


So tonight I thought I might share a couple of things we’ve discovered so far. There are a heap of links in this post, but nothing’s sponsored here and we’re not receiving any kickbacks. This is just what we’ve found which we thought might be useful or interesting or just because my fingers decided you needed to know.

Words Fail Us


To keep them amused on long car trips Tracey came up with a heap of activities for the kids, including what I suspect, perhaps worryingly, will become their number one go-to on our big lap.

Take Two


It’s been suggested by a couple of people I looked a bit nervous on camera today. I was, but not for the reason you’d think…

Plumb In My Mouth


We were supposed to be out and about on Sydney’s brilliant public transport system looking at all the stuff we missed last time we were here, but instead we’ve spent two days stuck in the caravan park.

Pull up a stool and let’s talk


This post is really hard to write. Really hard.

Thank you to the Dept of Health for sponsoring this important message and reminding me to get this done. I’m fifty on Thursday, so it’s time to take matter into my own hands.

Mothers Day 2017


Tracey had to work today – she was gone for ten hours. While she was away from the bus the kids made my life hell and put together a wonderful little ‘This Is Your Life’ play for her. Hope all you mothers out there had a lovely day and received loads of love and chocolate. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!