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Lightning Ridge


The road sign at the T junction pointed to our destination in one direction and Lightning Ridge in the other. We sat there for couple of minutes trying to decide where to go. Did we have enough time up our sleeve? Was it worth the diesel? We knew the name but what was actually there? Ultimately, what it came down to was could we think of any reason not to? In the end, we swiped right. It was the right decision.

The Real Reason We Need To Get Moving


We’ve been – I want to say trapped – at Tracey’s parents’ place for months now waiting for Tracey to feel up to travelling and working again. Then Master12’s appendix had to be expelled from his body and that’s slowed us down some more. The good news is the bus is looking and running fantastic, and we’re going to do a walkthrough to show everyone our set up shortly.

Our Big Family


Been so busy watching Tracey’s dad work on our bus I haven’t had the time to blog. It’s all about to be completed though and we’ll be on our way again. Can’t wait. Meanwhile, this…

Problem Evolved


This was one of those moments you wait for as a parent. When you get to educate your kids about something you actually understand instead of faking it with maths or stupid proper grammar rules.

The Home Stretch


You might have picked up on this if you’re a long term reader of my blog, but Tracey is much better at this parenting gig than me. We can both look at the same situation and come up with totally different solutions.

Singapore Taxi


The best conversation of my famil to Maldives came on the last night on the clean streets of Singapore, and started with the simplest of enquiries.