I did think it was an odd brief…

I wrote this as a freelance job on Friday, but it turns out I totally misread the brief. I thought it said ’10 Must-Have Kitchen Items For Slow Cooking’. Instead of waste it I thought I’d share it here. Mind you, I don’t think they’d have approved the spoon reference, do you?

A Dressing Down

I’m pretty sure Tracey thinks I usually manage to embarrass myself around other travelling families, but internally I’ve adopted the wonderful idea of myself being quirky….

Post includes a map of our journey so far.

A See Change

There’s no clearer indication things have changed since I was a kid than glasses. My kids WANT them in the same way I wanted hair gel. #transitionsforkids #sponsored

The Walking Disaster

Despite clear leaps forward over the last hundred years with such things as indoor loos, disposable nappies, snot sucker-outerers, nappy wipes, toddler-leashes & Phenergan, I’m not convinced parenting is getting any easier.