That’s The Magic Number

Home-schooling is going so well some days it feels like we’re starring in our own Idiocracy film. 

Thank you to Westpac for supporting our family and sponsoring this post. On that, have you heard about the deal Westpac has brokered where they’re footing the bill for parents ($99) to enrol their kids in the Mathspace Essentials numeracy program? Worth taking a minute to check it out at the bottom of this post after you read about how good a teacher I am not.

But I Like Eating Onions

Since her operation on Thursday, Tracey has been holding off eating until her doctor gives her the okay. In her absence, it seems at least one of her children has been attempting to go out in sympathy. 

On The Button

Things are progressing just about as well as can be expected. Better even. Like, I haven’t misplaced a single child in the 48 hours I’ve been left in charge. 

Good Night

Our night away without the kids was eventful – only I don’t mean in the good sexxy way you’d assume.

Help Wanted

“I can’t find her!” she said, the worry in her voice increasing and engaging the interest of mine.