35 Today!

By not reminding the little kids of the fact it was their mother’s birthday I managed to let Tracey sleep in until 8.30 this morning.

As my beautiful wife was hitting the 35 mid-milestone we filled her day with four separate celebrations. Unfortunately, three of them were birthday parties for young friends of Miss4 & Miss8, and the other was my staff Christmas party, but she can’t say she didn’t party all day 🙂

Nanny, Poppy & Grandma came over for a cake earlier in the day and we all got to sing at Tracey and smother her with affection and new perfume. After some lack-of-candle issues we eventually settled for an even dozen, which I guess meant less of a fire hazard, and didn’t exhaust the old boiler.

Tonight she got to relax with good food, good company and some good laughs while I merrily drank for both of us, then allowed her to pour me into the car and drive me home. Maybe next year she can have a birthday where she’s neither pregnant nor breast feeding so she can enjoy a birthday drinkie. Only time will tell.

As I spent much of today referring to her affectionately as ‘old girl’, Tracey was reflecting earlier on the age difference between us – 9.5 years (not 10, oh no, not double figures).

“When we met you were 30 and pulling a 21 year old,” she said. “I wouldn’t even think of approaching a 25 year old. That’s pretty damn impressive, you old dog.”

While I’m glad to hear she wouldn’t approach other men, I have to agree it’s an impressive feat, but not because of the age difference. I think it’s impressive because I managed to find her and convince her, despite our age difference, she was meant to share this life with me.

Happy Birthday, you old battleaxe. Even at your advanced age you still do it for me 🙂 Love you, babe.

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